Profile Cutting Services

Lasers Cutting - 4 x High speed CNC Laser cutters

  • Cutting size 3.0m x 1.5m
  • Precision and accuracy ~ +/- 0.1mm approx. on average unspecified
  • Clean square cut edges requiring little to no clean-up.
  • Fibre and CO2 cutting – high speed auto loading and unloading
  • Rotary/Tube Cutting 19.5mm to 200 round – SHS/ RHS up to 150mm – 8m length

Water Cutting - 66,000 PSI TECHNI Water Cutter with 5 x axis PAC60 Bevel cutting head.

  • Cutting size 4000 x 2000
  • Precision and accuracy ~ +/- 0.5mm approx. on average unspecified
  • All cuts have a clean almost square edge and no dross.
  • No heat affected zone at the cutting face so no distortion or hardening of the material
  • Cuts many materials including Thick Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Carbon Fibre, Foam, Wood, marble, granite and more.

Gas or Plasma Cutting and Drilling - Hi definition 400 amp Plasma / Oxyfuel cutter

  • Cutting size of 3.6m x 12m
  • Precision and accuracy ~ +/- 1mm approx. on average unspecified
  • Very economical method of material cutting.
  • Ideal for structural steel plates, building brackets, welded and galvanized components and parts that need to be machined after cutting.
  • Plasma etching (Part Numbers)
  • Automated machine TAPPING from M5 to M16 and DRILLING from 4.2mm to 32mm