• Cutting services


    Lasers Cutting - 4 x High speed CNC Laser cutters

          Cutting size 3.0m x 1.5m

          Precision and accuracy ~ +/- 0.1mm approx. on average unspecified

          Clean square cut edges requiring little to no clean-up.

          Fibre and CO2 cutting – high speed auto loading and unloading

          Rotary/Tube Cutting 19.5mm to 200 round – SHS/ RHS up to 150mm – 8m length


    Water Cutting - 66,000 PSI TECHNI Water Cutter with 5 x axis PAC60 Bevel cutting head.

          Cutting size 4000 x 2000

          Precision and accuracy ~ +/- 0.5mm approx. on average unspecified

          All cuts have a clean almost square edge and no dross.

          No heat affected zone at the cutting face so no distortion or hardening of the material

  •            Cuts many materials including Thick Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Carbon Fibre, Foam, Wood, marble, granite and more.  


    Gas or Plasma Cutting and Drilling - Hi definition 400 amp Plasma / Oxyfuel cutter

          Cutting size of 3.6m x 12m

          Precision and accuracy ~ +/- 1mm approx. on average unspecified

          Very economical method of material cutting.

          Ideal for structural steel plates, building brackets, welded and galvanized components and parts that need to be machined after cutting.

          Plasma etching (Part Numbers)

          Automated machine TAPPING from M5 to M16 and DRILLING from 4.2mm to 32mm