The Process

The One Stop Cutting Shop can take your product from conception to completion, simply bring in your idea and we can work out the best way you to achieve your goals and desired outcome.

No job is too small or too big. We, as a business, offer a full service solution that strives to deliver a product that meets your needs.

Our operating process can be tailored depending on your needs. You may provide your own material or utilise our stored material supply.

Our Process:

1 Receiving of job brief from customer
2 Our team will discuss the specifics of brief with you and advise which cutting process will best suit the job
3 We will then process the brief through the required departments (graphics / programming departments)
4 Production will run off a sample of the end product for client approval (applies only to larger multiple unit runs)
5 Based on the approval of the sample - production will complete the cutting job as per brief
6 If finishing of the product is required we can facilitate this based on job specifics
7 Upon job completion we will prepare the end product for collection or delivery