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Hi Carol / Galina,

Thank you very much for turning the small S/S brackets around so quickly last week, they slotted straight in and work perfectly. That enabled me to get on and commission a key part of the plant which was greatly appreciated.
Pass on my regards to the team - awesome effort; thanks.

Daryl Honan

Hi Guys!

Just arrived back from the Brancott Estate WorldofWearableArt Awards night on Friday, 26 August and still floating on cloud nine!!! Walked away with the sought after "WOW Factor Award 2011"!!

Just wanted to say a huge big thank you to everyone who helped us in achieving this wonderful award!!!
* Steve - for ignoring your other really important jobs just to have ours done in time and doing such a great job!!!! Thanks for listening and being so patient with us....
* One Stop Cutting Shop North Shore Laser Cutting Ltd - for doing an awesome job on a very tight schedule...thanks to the guy with the tattoos (who did the job) and Carol for her moral support when we stressed a bit!!
* Ullrich Alluminium Silverdale - for ordering and even delivering the extra alluminium tubing to our door!
* Our very special Bob Ballentyne - for giving Karl advice AND sandpaper when he most needed it!! As well as special trade tips on how to polish!! You are a great friend!
* National Springs & Wire Products Ltd (Graham and co) - for helping us in 2010...... your willingness and enthusiasm to help inspired us to keep on trying!!!!
* Lisa Honeybone (North Shore Times) - for a lovely piece in the paper and your best wishes!

We are absolutely thrilled and still a bit in shock!!! We thought you might enjoy seeing the end product as well. The video clip on youtube is just awesome! Enjoy!

Thanks so much again!
Kind regards
Karl and Erna Van Der Wat

Ken and Carol,

Just a quick email to let you know tomorrow is my last day at Three Sixty. The last three years have been great and thanks so much for all you help. I know we can put the pressure on at times but you guys always helped out when I needed it. Good luck to yourselves and the team at OSCS and I am sure I will be in touch in the future.

Thanks again,

Hi Carol

Thank you and your team for all your help for getting the Laser Cutting completed last week. It was very much appreciated.
I had laser cut a 21st Key for my Daughter and I am hoping I can get another done for my niece please, no rush as I only need to send it by the end of November.

Thank you again.
Kind regards
Winsome Wallace
Operations Coordinator

Wow that's quick! Thanks very much!

Blake Atkinson

Hi there
Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of our last order-you are awesome! :)



Firstly thank you for the wonderful job in the Trophy bases for the 2MRNIR and SSANZ, the feedback was fabulous, so I thought as I am in the process of developing a new trophy for the Woollacott Association and would like some idea of the feasibility and cost to cut from a suitable material (say 6mm thick) the attached design, and you were the obvious choice.

Materials that are possible
1. Brass - Preferred
2. Stainless Steel - Second Choice

Thanks for that Carol,

As we are polishing the stainless I would appreciate it if I can have the middles of the letters (the offcut I guess) as this helps keep the stencil edge intact during the polishing process.
Thanks again for your help and the fast turnaround.

Regards Neil Welsford

Hi Carol

The transfer has been done today, If you could keep an eye out for it and send the plate asap, that would be great
Thank for the great service!! you will definitely be getting all of our laser cutting from now on

Thanks again

Hiya Carol

By the way thanks heaps for the SS ring you sent through in record time...much appreciated :)

Best Regards

Hi Carol,

I got the Aluminium Parts this afternoon, the look very good.

Thanks for your help
Regards Jason

Impressive service

Best regards

Phil Clark
(649) 414 1137

Awesome you guys really are the one stop shop! 6mm is perfect thank you =)

Blake Atkinson