Our Company

Based in a small factory in Beach Haven, North Shore Plate Cutting was established in 1998 by Pete Herd.  Pete saw an opportunity in the market for CNC profile cutting and using his expertise as a qualified tool setter with a CNC background, Pete began to grow the business.

As demand for profile cutting grew so did the business. In 2002 the company moved to a larger factory in Albany where we began operating a new state of the art Laser cutting machine. 

It was at this point that Ken Alchin and Tim Ryder, who had been with the company for a few years, took the opportunity to buy into the business where Water Cutting Services and North Shore Laser Cutting was formed.

Demand continued to grow and so did the business. 2004 saw the purchase of a second laser cutting machine.

Ever increasing demand created the need to design a purpose built facility where we could house all our existing machinery and any future machinery we might require.

In 2007 we had achieved this goal, moving into our new factory in Silverdale as One Stop Cutting Shop encompassing North Shore Plate Cutting, North Shore Laser Cutting and Water Cutting Services. The new facility allowed us to streamline our production process and improve our overall service. At this point we increased our capacity with a third laser cutting machine.

By 2010 we decided to invest in a new 12m x 3m Plate Cutter capable of Plasma and Oxyfuel cutting combined with drilling and tapping functions.  This opened us up to another market segment. 

2012 saw the installation of our 4m CNC press brake to enable us to further complete the products demanded by our growing customer base along with significant investment in the latest design software to further add to the services offered.

As of January 2014 we have just added our 4th laser to the arsenal of equipment. This new technology combines traditional plate cutting with a rotary turret laser for cutting pipe, angle and RHS/SHS

A healthy mix of other equipment including NC rolling, welding and fabrication capabilities makes us the One Stop Cutting Shop that we are today, providing the full  ‘Design Cut Fold Finish’ sevice.

To further enhance our customer service and streamline our business the amalgamation of North Shore Laser Cutting, North Shore Plate Cutting and North Shore Water Cutting into the One Stop Cutting Shop Ltd was completed with the new entity trading as of January 1st 2014.